Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Tires for my Toyota

So unfortunately I had planned another beach trip before summer was over, but due to some unforeseen circumstances and lack of funds I had to abandon the trip last minute. Now with school starting any roadtrips will be on hold so that I can focus on my studies. I will still be working on the 2 vehicles here and there and updating this blog. Anyhow enough chitchat, my Toyota has been running some pretty worn out 32inch tires for wayy too long that came off of another jeep so the wear pattern was very uneven. Last minute before school started I decided it was time to get new tires, and with that I got new wheels and lugnuts. Kudos to the guys at Discount Tire here in Matthews as they did a great job and gave me an amazing deal on tires, wheels, lugnuts, the whole shebang. I ended up putting 33x12.50x15 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on it, with 15x10 Ion Alloy wheels. They also installed a set of black gorilla lugnuts with the special spline on it. Got the whole thing out the door with certificates, balancing, and lifetime rotation for a cool $1300.
Here she is at the shop getting new wheels and tires. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So not much has gone on since my last posting really. Did another trip out to URE with some of the cherokeeforum guys from UNCC with a bit of camping. I cut the trip a bit short because I wasn't feeling too well on Friday night and ended up leaving Saturday night. Still got 2 whole days of camping and wheeling in though which was nice. Took the little yota like last time, didnt wheel it much cause of how I felt. Anyways here are some pics of the lastest trip.