Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Builds and Teaming up at Anarchy Expeditions

So lately I have really been slacking on this whole blogging thing. I have a bunch of major updates and kinda want to bring this blog back up to speed. As many of you guys who have seen my blog will know I have ongoing build threads on my 2 toyota trucks on Expedition Portal, toyota-4runner.org, ttora, tacomaworld, etc, since you guys have probably followed the to this blog here.

For beginners the shop is starting to look like a full shop. Made a bunch of recent purchases regarding tools and have most of everything currently needed to build up and keep the trucks in tip top shape. Bought a new plasma cutter, argon tank for the mig welder, 35 gal air compressor, tons of air tools, and a new shop press aswell as a new floor jack.

Also I am happy to announce that instead of a solo venture by myself, I now have 2 more friends who have joined the Anarchy Expedition crew, which brings out truck count to 4. Each vehicle will be outfitted with its own individual gear. We plan to do a lot of custom work to the newest addition a 2001 double cab Tacoma Prerunner that was involved in a front end collision. Here is a teaser picture of whats to come on this truck. More updates to follow.