Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random pics from past URE trips

Just a post to throw up pics of a couple past trips out to URE in my Pickup. Pics are in random order of past 3 trips out to URE. Just havent had a chance to post them up yet.

Selling the old Jeep

Well its been a long time since I've had anything to contribute to this blog. Mostly out of laziness than anything. I figured with my insomnia tonight I'd update this blog a bit and maybe get my mind off some things. Never realized school could be soo damn stressful. Anyways as the title says I finally sold the old jeep about 3 weeks ago. The jeep had it coming, and I kind of regret selling the old truck thinking about it now while I type this. I always had envisioned turning the jeep into some badass rock crawling machine that would conquer any obstacle I threw at it, but alas, life, lack of funds, and my sheer laziness to work on a never ending money pit of a vehicle got in the way. The jeep was exactly that, a damn money pit that swallowed every dime and nickel that I would throw at it. It was definitely time to let the old girl go. So this blog post will be dedicated to my old truck, one of the first vehicles I ever owned, and the first vehicle I single handedly bought with money I made.

So a little background on the old Cherokee: I bought the truck perhaps three or maybe four years ago? Somewhere around that time frame, and if I look at some of my pictures I could probably pinpoint it. Its not quite important, what was important to me about this truck was, that it was my first true vehicle. Sure I have had other cars my parents had bought for me, but this one was special, it was mines, one that I paid for out of pocket. The story begins with me having just blown the engine in my Jeep Wrangler. It was time time go find a new vehicle to drive especially with my firebird in disrepair and wrangle out of commission. Knowing my parents have had it with my ratty old cars, I went scouring the net to find a replacement vehicle. At first I wasn't particularly fond of purchasing a Jeep Cherokee, I mean what high school kid would be? All high school kids want the newest coolest sports car or biggest baddest truck off the showroom floor. And here I am looking at this junky old 1990 Jeep Cherokee, that had faded paint, stock suspension, basic model without even working AC. Its saving grace however was the fact it had a new engine in it with the proper documentation for it. I finally agreed on purchasing the truck for a low price of $1500, every penny to my name gone and dumped into this ugly mess. I drove it relatively stock and untouched besides the normal maintenance for the next year. After doing a bit of research and talking to a friend of mines in HS, I decided to do something with my truck. By this time I had saved up a bit more cash and decided to do a lift, new tires, and convert the truck to 4wd. Yes the jeep was 2wd *gasp*. I eventually ended up repainted the jeep, added bumpers, lights, sliders, skids, etc. Beat the snot out of it and parked it when I bought my Toyota. Plans after that were to throw an exo cage on it, rewire some things, lift it on 35inch tires, and make custom new bumpers, but by then the jeep started developing a horrible case of deathwobble. After trying to diagnose the problem and throwing countless amounts of money at it, I lost interest and the jeep sat dormant for 6 months or so. I finally decided to sell off the jeep about 3 weeks ago and well its finally gone now.

The day I brought it home:

After doing some work on it: