Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting off The New Years Right

So I have been slacking quite a bit on my updates for this blog. In fact I haven't posted anything on here for over a month maybe two I'm not even quite sure to be honest. Anyways I told myself I would try to keep this blog up to date this year so this is how I will be starting the new year off.

So I guess I never really posted anything about my newly acquired 4runner. Although I bought it over 2 months ago before I sold my jeep I never posted anything about it. Since I will be building the 4runner up quite a bit I figured I'd throw it on here aswell. The 4runenr actually sits a tad taller than I'd ideally like it to sit, but the purchase price was right and it was clean with all documented work. So I opted to buy the cleaner well taken care of rig instead of another project. The truck was rust free and easily the cleanest one I could find without breaking the bank.

 Some specs of the day of purchase:
-7.5 inch lift
-35 BFG MTRs
-ARB front and rear lockers
-3.0 V6 new gaskets and 5 speed manual
-ARB air compressor
-Dick Cepek DCs
-Full Size matching spare and highlift
-Sliders welded to frame
-front skid plate
-H4 conversion on headlights
-reupholstered interior
-new head unit

 So here she is the first day I purchased it.I plan on making a lot of changes soon to come.