Friday, May 24, 2013

Uwharrie NF Bound

So I basically just got home from work a couple hours ago. Wasn't suppose to work today, but was called in last minute and decided I needed the extra hours to pay for the bills. So by the time I got home it was fairly dark and I still needed to finish loading the gear up. I wasn't able to take much of a picture of my truck loaded up for Uwharrie, so just a text update this time. I will be sure to take a few pics out at URE though. Got my bags packed, and bringing a couple rifles along with the trip. Plan on stopping by the gun range for a much needed relaxing target shootout. Might also shoot some clays also. For those who don't know its called skeet shooing using a shotgun and shooting clay pigeons. My friends will be meeting at my house and rolling out from here. We will be rolling out at 7AM in the morning tomorrow so wish us safe passage. Lots of pics to come!

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